Introducing Studio Bolland Bundles!


We're excited to launch our new offering, Studio Bolland Bundles. With the continued rise and popularity of online videos and social media, marketing teams now feel the pressure to release new content  on a more regular basis. Our new packages are designed to help you keep up with these demands whilst giving you the best value for money.

Over the past two years we've offered similar styled bundles to two of our repeat clients, and the benefits have been easy to spot. These clients, WooCommerce and Teelaunch, haven't had to shop around each time they've needed new content, and the turnaround time has been quicker because everyone involved knows what to expect. Our success with these packages have inspired Studio Bolland Bundles, a package deal which will have all your animated needs sorted for the next three, six or twelve months.

Whether you have an existing marketing team and plan, or whether you're keen to figure that all out with us, Studio Bolland Bundles give you a direct line to our team of creative directors, scriptwriters, illustrators and animators. Ask us about our bundles today to find out how we can help you bring your messages to life.



Take a look at over 20 animations we've produced for WooCommerce and Teelaunch:


Hear from our clients:


"We here at Automattic have been working with Studio Bolland for a couple of years now, and our videos continually get better and better! They’ve always delivered a total package for us again and again and I love working with the people there. We bring our ideas to the table and sit back and revel in the magical work that comes out on the other side, they add so much creativity and fun to our initial ideas.

Besides delivering consistently wonderful work, they’ve been absolutely accommodating and flexible with any of our demands. That’s truly how you keep a client happy, at least in our eyes. Studio Bolland goes above and beyond for us and we love working with them. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending them to the world!"

- Ryan Ray | Automattic, USA


"Dedicated, laugh-a-minute team with big hearts and huge talent. The animation they did for our Manenberg House campaign helped us see dreams become a reality. Endless superlatives."

- Pete Portal | The Manenberg House, UK



2017 Bundles Details:


Still not convinced? Watch our signature animated video below:

What you get in your bundle:

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